Thursday’s workout

My friend Amanda:


Has been looking for help in the gym so I’ve started training with her, helping her with meal prep etc.. etc…

We’re both kind of uneasy in the gym we’re at (Planet Fitness) because there’s very little private area for body weight or even free weight combo workouts, so we end up smooshed in their “30 min. workout” area for the time being. We stay there tho because it’s a good location, 24 hours, cheap and we both tan there, so we’re trying to make due.

Yesterday we decided to focus on shoulders so here’s our workout:


Walk on treadmill set at speed 2.5, incline 9.5 for five minutes
Run on treadmill (my speed started at 5.4 and ended at 6.2) for 15 minutes
                                (Amanda started somewhere near 4.8 and ended around 5.5 I think)
Windmill arms both directions x10
The following circuit three times:
10 push ups (mine were on my feet)
(Amanda did her first three pushups on her feet and the remaining 7

in each set on her knees)
10 Burpees
20 Mountain Climbers


Four sets of the following Circuit:

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press x15 reps (I used 10lb dumbbells, Amanda started with 5lb and used the 10lb on her last two sets)
  • Barbell Front Lift and Hold for 3 seconds  x15 reps (we had our hands facing the ceiling instead of the floor so some assist came from the biceps. Both used a 20lb barbell)
  • Shoulder Press Fixed Weight Machine x 15 reps (I used 30lb on the first two sets and 45 on the second two, Amanda stayed at 30lb the whole time)

Cool Down

More arm windmills, both directions
20 pushups in sets of two (Mine on my feet, Amanda on her knees)


Here’s an example of the dumbbell press and the shoulder press:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.52.10 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 5.12.49 PM.png



Miami Dreamin’

Sorry for the hiatus! Micah and I were on a long weekend in Miami to hit up the Rolling Loud music festival 🤙🏼

We had a phenomenal time and saw artists like Lil Wayne, Future, Migos, Post Malone, and most importantly- Kendrick Lamar🙌🏼❣️

We had no stove in our Airbnb (which was a gorgeous cottage in the jungle basically) so there was a lot of cereal and milk with apple chunks and raisins, yogurt cups with cereal and raisins, string cheese, trail mix, fiber one bars, coffee, mimosas annnnnd wine.

Here’s a quick photo recap:

Working out definitely suffered on vacation but hey, we had a good time. We both maintained 100 squats a day, twice I did a round of core exercises in the morning and every day we stretched out, did a couple push ups and some flexibility stuff. Nothing heavy but enough to keep us feeling limber and strong-ish.

Also; in case you were wondering what kind of traveler I am:

Anywayyyys now that we’re back in Colorado I HIGHLY expect some mountain adventures this weekend.

Last night we hit the gym and I ran 2.2 miles in 23 minutes and felt phenomenal so if I pushed it hard that last bit, I bet I could have PR’d a 4 mile stretch BUT because I had been such a bum this last weekend I decided not to push it too hard, walked a cool down and then did some planking, scissor kicks and lots and LOTS of stretching.
If there’s one thing I recommend doing daily, it’s STRETCH!!! Even if you’re gunna miss a workout.. plz.. do me a favor and just stretch it out. Every major muscle group. You got it sis!👌🏼
Alright- back to work this week but stay tuned- I think we’re going grocery shopping today which means gooooood eats this week🙌🏼😽


Great Sand Dunes National Park

And Zapata Falls

Two weekends ago my friend Amanda and I went out to the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve! Along the way there’s a super cool waterfall  (Zapata Falls) and tons of trails around it. The parking lot and trailhead is only about a mile or so from the falls, with three benches along the way so it’s a really decent hike for people who may not be in great shape. There’s also like four miles of marked trails but of course after we saw the frozen falls we headed off the trail for a little climbing.  💁🏻

A short hike back to the car and a quick drive – we made it to the sand dunes! Because it’s still spring, the mountain river was still wide and noticeably flowing.

We had a pretty decent hike through the dunes and made it over three Sand peaks or so- but I plan on coming back with Micah and hiking from the parking lot across the dunes to the foothills.

Spaghetti squash virgins

Last night we made spaghetti squash with a tomato sauce and jalapeño cornbread!

We’ve never made the spaghetti squash before and maybe would do things a little differently next time but it was SO tasty anyways:


  • Slice it in half long way
  • Scoop out the seeds (just like a pumpkin!)
  • Drizzle in olive oil and spices (I made a rub with oil, garlic salt and black pepper)
  • Bake cut side down on some parchment paper at 375 for about 35-40 minutes
  • Remove from oven, fill center with sauce and top with cheese (optional). Pop back in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Tomato sauce:

  • Can of diced tomatoes
  • Fresh tomato chunks
  • Small can of tomato paste
  • 3 cloves of peeled and diced garlic
  • Half of a red onion, peeled and diced
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper to taste
  • 3/4 jalapeño with seeds, diced

Throw the onions and garlic in some oil to brown them and then mix in the other ingredients. Let simmer for 30 min-1 hour.


For the cornbread we just used Jiffy mix, followed the recipe but added the leftover 1/4 jalapeño into the batter and poured it into a lined cupcake pan. Also I drizzled mine with local honey👍🏼


Since I’ve been avoiding processed snack foods this past week- that meant no morning granola bar at my desk while I worked. so long Nature Valley fruit and nut bars 😦

Anyone else find themselves in the perpetual granola bar loop? I feel like I was substituting a meal a day with some sort of pre-packaged snack and that’s gotta stop.

Also; I have to go grocery shopping soooo bad so don’t judge me for the kinda weird ingredients in these meals.

alright alright; without further delay…
Breakfasts in a hurry:

Mason Jar Oatmeal

In the jar:

  • 1/2 cup plain oats
  • 1/4 of a raw Granny Smith apple

In the blue container:

  • Leftover raw peanut and granola mixture from my last hike
  • Raisins
  • Raw Walnuts
  • Bear Naked chocolate granola

At work I put 1 cup of water in the mason jar, microwaved for 2.5 minutes and mixed in the toppings. 👍🏼 you could definitely just mix all the toppings in the mason jar and make it a one-jar meal; but I prefer to keep my toppings separate- just a personal preference. 

Leftovers smoothie:

  • Frozen pineapple chunks
  • Small handful of raw spinach
  • Two tablespoons of mandarin oranges.. mine were from a can, in light syrup… you win some you lose some 😬 #sugarsugarsugar
  • Big splash of strawberry lemonade
  • 1/4 raw avocado

I put all the ingredients right into my magic bullet cup and blend til creamy and wonderful.


Currently reading:

Great autobiographical piece on Alex Honnold and his AMAZING free solo career.

Last two books I read/recommend:

A real kick in the butt to improve your daily habits:

FANTASTIC autobiographical piece about the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his struggle with addiction.



What’s going on with me

Hey y’all! Like I mentioned in my about me; I’m creating this blog to kind of keep track of my daily health journey and outdoor rec. 

some basics about me and where I’m at with my body, eating etc…

* I love eating food!!

* I eat 100% vegetarian, about 50% vegan


* I ran my first half marathon in 2016, thanks to my most motivating amiga in the greater Chicago area. 

(Ps that’s my instagram- feel free to go follow!)

* My personal goals are to climb every 14er in Colorado. 

* I climbed my first two 14’ers last year (Humboldt and Elbert)

* I’m going with my darling Micah to Miami in two weeks for a music festival and have amended my diet to cut out fast food and processed snacks until then. 

* I’m currently on a 5-6 day workout regimen, helping out a friend who has gained some weight over the years (after having THREE kiddos!) that was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.