I’m alive and well in CoSprings

Hey guys!! Sorry I’ve been MIA- so much has been happening!


Sunset at the end of our new street

Caught a rainbow mid-rainstorm the other afternoon. Also a hanging basket and part of the front yard.

I’m finally all moved in to the new house, the 40 minute commute is killing me, my parents have moved in with us from Michigan along with their two dogs.


Momma-bear taking an afternoon snooze with all the puppers




We’ve been busy planting and tending to kale, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, soy beans, eggplant, and flowers flowers flowers.

Oh yeah and raspberries!

Anyway, between unpacking and helping my parents move, I haven’t had much time for hiking/climbing/adventuring.

I have joined a fab climbing gym called Pure Bouldering and have been climbing there three times, hopefully much more frequently in the coming weeks now that things are settling down.

I’ve plans for a hike/climb somewhere this weekend- stay tuned 😚⛰

What are you looking at……


Views from Pure Bouldering’s outside gym




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