On the Move

I’ve been SO busy with packing lately- sorry for the lack of adventures!

Left our house in Pueblo and got into one up in Colorado Springs FINALLY! Very excited, even if I do have to commute now ☺️

There’s TONS of space to garden so stay tuned😁


Angel of Shavano

Hey there πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Saturday, I went back to Shavano, this time without the pups.

I definitely felt better right out the gate, although I had gotten a late start again, not leaving the house til 6am and not getting on the trail til 9am.

On the way up I passed a gentleman who let us know if we stayed to the right of the angel we could avoid dealing with all the slick snow drifted up over the trail. We thought hey, let’s avoid some snow! So off the trail we headed πŸ™‚

That’s Tabeguache on the far right

It was going fine, way more steep than the path (we assumed) until we got to about 12k. I don’t have a ton of pictures from this area because we were bouldering on really loose rock and we were pretty nervous and trying to avoid landslides.

What happened was we went too far north and ended up following the NE ridge towards the summit. Once we got over the false summit on the ridge, we realized it was still another 500ish feet to the summit, BUT we could finally see the path!! We had wandered wayyyy further north, and were about to approach the summit from the NE side, not the main trail that takes you up the saddle on the S side of the summit.

Finally over the false summit of the East Ridge, Micah spots the trail winding up through the valley to our South


About 300 feet below the summit we realized it was already 2:30pm, and we had to get all the way down to the trail still and out to the car, so we headed SE from our position and met up the trail in the valley.

(Addition: we didn’t go back down the way we came because the rock was too loose for our current gear set up and mental game.Down climbing off trail was just a bad idea at this point)

There was still enough snow to spy some ski tracks down from the top of the saddle into the valley and it had me itching to hike up and ski down… so maybe someday!
Anyways, we hit some snow on the trail back down, veered off the trail to the south this time and made it back to the car by 5.




The weirdest thing happened tho… as we were at the base of the East Ridge, we saw a woman peak over the top of the false summit and wave to us- that being the deciding factor in taking the ridge up. Well, we never saw the woman climber again – and we had perfect visibility of the summit ascent on the east and south sides once we got over the crest. I personally think she was the Angel of ShavanoπŸ‘πŸΌ

Mt. Shavano

Hey all! Saturday, I ventured out to Salida, and more particularly the Sawatch Range to take a look at Mt. Shavano!

It’s a class two 14er, and I took the east route from the Shavano / Tabeguache trailhead. This meant about 9miles round trip with over 4K feet in gains!

We decided to take Dooey (our boxer/lab mix) with us, to see how he handled the elevation and if he’d be a true #CragDog.

Well, from the get-go we faced challenges. I woke up in a not great mood- my camelback water carrier thingy (not actual camelback brand FYI) had leaked thru my pack overnight soaking everything. I broke a Mason jar and definitely didn’t eat enough sugar. Basically I was a big ole grouch.

We needed up leaving the house closer to 6a than our intended 5a goal- so we weren’t actually to the trailhead til about 9:30ish.

I felt sluggish and tired right away- so I stopped and nom’ed on some gummy bears (sugarSUGARsugar) and then got back on track.

About 1,900″ we met some hikers on the way down that said the trail was way covered in drifted snow that was super slick- even with their micro spikes they were sliding around. They also mentioned you could circumvent the snow by bouldering up to the right and getting above the treeline there.

Shortly after that we broke from the trail and headed straight up off the trail.Β 

It wasn’t long before we hit the incline they were talking about: lots of loose rock and boulders- super fun! Our topo map put us at ~12,100″ and allllmost above treeline. We had some stellar views finally!

Unfortunately; I realized Dooey wasn’t keeping up. He was frozen in terror near the base and wouldn’t push any further. He was clearly pretty anxious so we turned back and took our time on the hike back to the trailhead.

We’ll be headed back up next weekend I’m pretty sure to check out the trail status the rest of the way up πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Also- now that I know the temps and snow pack etc… I’ll be carrying a lighter pack. Less outer layers for sure!