Memorial Weekend Camping

Hey all!

So I purchased a new tent last week for a multitude of reasons:

  • The only tent I had was HUGE – like sleeps ten people huge.
  • It had steel poles🙅🏻
  • I had REI member dividends burning a hole in my pocket
  • I had a 20% off REI coupon

So first I looked around and quickly fell in love with The North Face’s Homestead collection. I ended up choosing the Domey 3.

Near me is a State Park called Lake Pueblo. It’s a huge lake created by a dam on the Arkansas River- so we reserved a rustic spot this weekend and had an absolute blast!!

The tent was the easiest tent I’ve ever had to set up and there was plenty of room for us, the dogs and our stuff. We did have to both help get the last three poles in their spots, but I suspect we could have managed it alone either one of us, had we been motivated to.

The three doors are SO great even without three people- it makes packing and unpacking gear and clothes way easier. Also makes it easier to avoid tracking dirt and sand into the tent; although, with two dogs it’s hard to avoid that anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️

Also the trail weight of the tent is ~7lbs which is ideal for us and our needs.

The scene was pretty chill in our camp area- I suspect because it was the rustic sites and also the public beach wasn’t open yet so I think that kept traffic down. We woke up eeeearly Memorial Monday and went for a long run with the dogs around the bluffs and cliffs surrounding the lake and found some awesome spots to cliff dive- more on that later this summer😄😁

Here’s some recap pics from the weekend ☺️


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